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SEO Case Studies: Roundwood Health Clinic




Roundwood Health Clinic is the focus of our SEO case studies. Roundwood is a physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic based in Barnsley. Claire, Director and Chartered Physiotherapist approached Surge SEO to help generate recurring traffic and leads.


It was clear from the very start that Roundwood was the premier Physiotherapist in Barnsley. However, their organic traffic and rankings didn't reflect this.


In partnership with Roundwood, Surge SEO developed a full-service digital marketing strategy to address the needs of the company.

SEO Case Studies - Roundwood Health Clinic
Roundwood Health Clinic is a physiotherapy rehabilitation and holistic health clinic based in the town centre of Barnsley
What we did

A key area we want to highlight in our SEO case studies is Keyword Research. Roundwood needed professional keyword research and analysis to focus their efforts. It’s easy to be bewildered when jumping into keyword research. An excellent way to focus your efforts is to find where you’re competitors are getting it right and start there. That’s what we did with Roundwood. It gave us an excellent starting point for our SEO strategy.

Back to basics

Our second job was to address the website. Poor web design can hurt conversions and sales and the current design was outdated. Poor SEO means your not going to rank for keywords (even if you potentially could). These two issues meant it would have made optimisation extremely difficult. Roundwood agreed to a re-design of their website.

The new website allowed us to optimise the technical aspects of the website and ensure that the page content accurately reflected the target keywords.

A key factor of the re-design was 'how to increase conversions' We implemented many opportunities for potential clients to make the transition to customer. We made it easy to book online in a matter of seconds. A proactive chat was installed that has gone to have a huge positive impact on the conversion rate. We also enabled opt-in marketing and began collecting email addresses allowing Roundwood to convert visitors to customers over time.

SEO Case Studies - Roundwood Health Clinic
SEO Case Studies - Roundwood Health Clinic
Moving Roundwood's Digital Marketing forward

Once we had a solid platform to build on we started to work on off-site aspects and also adjusting Roundwood's perception of their online marketing. This wasn't difficult - Claire and Liz are open to new ideas and trying new strategies.

We built domain authority quickly, for example, Roundwood had been featured in an article in a newspaper but had not been linked to. We worked to correct this and other similar quick wins.

Roundwood created their own content marketing strategy - this involved other members of the team writing blog posts. We optimised them to ensure they would secure new traffic to the website.

We complemented this with a new email marketing strategy - This was completely new to the staff at Roundwood but again they took it in their stride. The most popular feature of the newsletter? You guessed it - The blogs created by the team at Roundwood. The newsletter secures new business every month and a typical open rate of 61%!

SEO Case Studies - Roundwood Health Clinic
Newsletter we implemented in 2019
SEO Case Studies - Roundwood Health Clinic
Part of the content for the first Newsletter
The Numbers - Our impact on SEO

All of the above would be irrelevant if the numbers didn't stack up. Fortunately, they do.

When we started Roundwood's main target keyword was hovering between 10th and 12th place. Not good enough for a company of their size and quality. Now Roundwood occupies the top spot. Not only do they have the top spot for their main keyword they rank no1 for almost 50% of their target keywords. If you include the top 3 places its almost 100%.


SEO Case Studies - Roundwood Health Clinic
Roundwood Rankings - October 2019
What about traffic and conversions?

You guessed it they are up too. Since taking over SEO for Roundwood Health Clinic they have enjoyed a 40% increase in bookings for physiotherapy alone. This has lead to the growth of the business and Roundwood have recently employed another Chartered Physiotherapist to cope with demand (as featured in the latest newsletter :). This is what Liz at Roundwood had to say:

“Surge SEO took over our Digital Marketing when we noticed that our website was falling down the rankings and they almost instantly turned things around for us. Surge SEO have guided us through the more technical aspects of changing our website as well as offering lots of ideas and innovations that we’d not even thought of. At all times we have found them knowledgable, insightful, professional and always on hand to answer our (many!!) queries. We are already seeing an increase in client numbers from using their services and  wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to other businesses”

Liz Bowman (Director)


SEO Case Studies - Roundwood Health Clinic
Increase in organic traffic from SEO
SEO Case Studies - Roundwood Health Clinic
Graph that shows the impact our services have had on organic traffic to Roundwood's website
Summing up

Roundwood offers a brilliant service and deserves to dominate the Physiotherapy and Holistic therapy landscape in Barnsley. Unfortunately, they were held back by insufficient SEO and Digital Marketing in general. We helped them correct the errors and right the wrongs with our SEO Packages. All done above board with white hat techniques meaning their results will stand the test of time.

We hope you enjoyed our SEO case studies. Do you have a similar project? Get in touch below to find out how we can help you too.


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