The best local SEO tools for small businesses in 2019

Which are the best local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools for small businesses in 2019? In this post, I am going to share with you my favourite tools and explain why they may also be useful for you.
Why do we even need SEO tools in the first place? As any small business owner will tell you It’s simply impossible to effectively carry out keyword research, competitor analysis, track rankings, Google My Business Optimisation, traffic and conversion trends, identify as well as fix technical problems, and implement effective content marketing without using the proper tools. SEO tools are as crucial for a marketer as a saw is for a joiner.
When it comes to choosing which tools to use small business owners are spoilt for choice. In fact, just deciding which tool can be a job on its own. This post will save you the time looking for the best local SEO tools for small businesses in 2019 and let you get on with the good stuff.

Before we start I want to be clear… This post will not cover the usual tools included in posts like this. Tools like ‘Google Analytics’. Google Analytics is awesome and as a business owner, I’m pretty certain you already know this and are using it. This post is about tools that are not the basics but rather additional services that you can use to save time, make life easier and get ahead of the competition. On with our list of the best local SEO tools for small businesses in 2019.

1. SEMrush

My personal favourite of all the tools mentioned here and my top recommendation for the best local SEO tools for small businesses in 2019.
I would find it difficult to live without SEMrush as a business owner nevermind as someone that owns an SEO company.
The thing with SEMrush is it’s easy to learn. They have great courses in their academy that you can take to increase your knowledge but the biggest benefit is… SEMrush does everything (almost). In my humble yet qualified opinion, it is the most all-in-one, all-in-one SEO tool available.
It isn’t especially cheap and starts around £77 per month. This puts it on par with other premium services like Moz Pro and AHREFS but if you are serious about increasing your online visibility it will most certainly make life easier.
My favourite features:
– Comprehensive keyword research tool and analytics for any domain- Effective link tracking – Great SEO recommendations that actually make sense. This is an amazing feature for small businesses that are not especially experienced in marketing and are stuck in the ‘where do I start stage’
My Least favourite features:
When it comes to SEMrush there are only a few small gripes. In-fact I can think of only two. The software lacks keyword list management. This is annoying and you would expect better from these guys.
Second is the cost. Whilst I think SEMrush is quite well priced considering how many things you can do – It may put some small business owners off. My solution to this is to check out the free trial. That way you can see if SEMrush is going to be worth the investment for your business.


2. SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite is a powerful suite of tools that I’ve been using to drive traffic for years.It gives access to 4 individual (and powerful) tools:

SEO Spyglass: Backlink research & analysis

Link Assistant: Link-building opportunities

Website Auditor: Site audits and on-page SEO analysis

Rank Tracker: Rank tracking and keyword research

SEO Spyglass allows you to:

  1. View your competitor’s backlinks
  2. Uncover (and steal) their strategy
  3. See how you compare to your competition
  4. Reduce risks on your site
  5. Spot potentially harmful risks
  6. Clean up your profile

Link Assistant helps to:

  1. Find link building opportunities
  2. Automatically find email address/contact information
  3. Create intelligent email templates
  4. Contact site owners in bulk

The brilliant Website Auditor lets you:

  1. Perform entire website audits
  2. Effectively optimise your content
  3. See your website like Google’s crawlers do
  4. Find your most valuable keywords
  5. Uncover competitors’ content strategies

With Rank Tracker you can:

  1. Monitor your current rankings
  2. Reveal keyword difficulties
  3. Fully automate your reporting
  4. Track featured snippets

Get a free trial of SEO Powersuite here

3. Keysearch

Keysearch is by far our favourite keyword research service out there. The developers have taken the best bits from other research tools like KWfinder and Long Tail Pro and produced a highly usable tool for half the price!
Keysearch goes beyond telling you keyword volumes and tells you the difficulty of ranking for any keyword. This means that Keysearch makes creating an SEO strategy much easier.
Prices start from $17 per month. You can also use our 20% discount code KSDISC

Click here to try Keysearch

4. Brightlocal

A solid entry in our top 4 list of the best local SEO tools for small businesses in 2019. Brightlocal began as a search agency providing local search services. Brightlocal has some amazing features and can help your small business to automate tasks such as:
– Running audits – Tracking keyword rankings – Identifying citations and submitting to local directories – Finding and monitoring existing citations and NAP (name, address, phone) – Monitoring your business on review sites- Spy on your competitors- Build new citations

Key Features

Rank TrackingWith rank tracking, you can monitor organic, mobile and map rankings on directories and websites. The rank tracker generates updates through email notifications when there are changes in your SEO rankings.
Review Monitoring and Review GenerationThe review monitoring service covers major review sites like Foursquare, Yell and Yelp. They also provide you with notifications when new reviews are created by customers.
Local Citation Service and Business ListingsBrightLocal local citation service involves cleaning up incorrect, missing or duplicate NAP details online. These citations/listings are done manually and through data aggregators priced at $2 per site for manual submissions and $5 to $55 per year for data aggregator submissions.
Local SEO Check-UpThis tool allows you to do an audit of key SEO elements that contribute to ranking like on-site SEO, off-site SEO, rankings, local citations, NAP, Google Local and social media


5. KWFinder

KWFinder is an SEO tool that focuses on keyword research and recommendations. Keyword research is essential and Identifying the right keywords to target is the most important area of any SEO strategy,
KWFinder is about as straightforward as it gets and a beginner should be able to pick it up in no time.
When entering keywords you have the option to specify a specific language, or dig deeper into results for specific countries or even local cities and towns. For SMBs looking to increase local search traffic, city-specific results are an extremely useful addition. KWFinder definitely deserves its place in the top 5 best local SEO tools for small businesses in 2019

6. SE Ranking

This tool is fast becoming one of my favourites and the last of our top 5 best local SEO tools for small businesses in 2019. It’s not as comprehensive as tools like SEMrush and the keyword research is not as in-depth as KWFinder but it’s still a solid all-rounder.
The reason SE Ranking makes my list is mainly cost. A basic package for a small business owner that wants to monitor up to 10 websites will cost you £13.80 per month. Pay an annual subscription and you get another 20% off!
A solid all-round option if you don’t want to pay the premium required for SEMrush.


7. Serpstat

Serpstat is the perfect tool for people who are just entering into the SEO industry and therefore do not have a large budget to manage expensive tools like Semrush and Ahrefs.
Some of its characteristics are as follows:
Website Analysis

PPC Research

Keyword Research Tools

BacklinksRank Tracker

Website Audit

Try it here

Serpstat is the perfect alternative to Semrush and with a starter plan starting for as low as $19. Serpstat is an excellent choice for Internet marketers.

Honourable Mentions

With so many tools out there that can help your local marketing campaign, it has been a challenge to select just Check out the tools that almost made the list.

Ninja Outreach

NinjaOutReach is the ultimate blogger outreach and lead generation marketing tool.
The tool enables you to:
– Find influencers and promote your brand or product- Generate thousands of top quality leads- Save time growing traffic.
This tool is trusted by thousands of marketing professionals and small businesses including Neil Patel (marketing guru).



There is one program I use all day every day. Grammarly is a writer’s best friend and a secret weapon.
If you are trying to authority first impressions will either gain or lose your credibility. Good first impressions in a written format often come from using correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
As a professional content writer accustomed to quick deadlines, I’ve found Grammarly to be an indispensable tool for content marketing and SEO.


So that concludes our list of the top 5 best local SEO tools for small businesses in 2019. I personally use all of these tools on a regular basis. I find they add value, save time and help convert visitors into leads and leads into sales. I hope you find them useful too.
If I can help or if you would like any further advice with anything SEO related just give me a shout.

Have you used any of these tools? How did you get on? Comment below.
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Take care,

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